External applications can interact with the The Ark via a secure web services interface. The interface was initially developed with a focus on allowing external applications to utilise The Ark's pedigree modelling and visualisation capabilities. To date, the web services layer facilitates the following functions:

  • Create and edit study subjects
  • Create and delete pedigree relationships
  • Create and delete twin relationships
  • Configure pedigree modelling and visualisation functionality
  • For a given proband persisted in The Ark, retrieve an inferred pedigree membership, complete with relationship labels
  • Generate and retrieve a pedigree visualisation for a proband persisted in The Ark
  • Irrespective of existing studies and subjects stored in The Ark, send pedigree data and retrieve a corresponding visualisation without saving this data in The Ark.

Work on The Ark web services interface continues, and greater coverage of the system’s functionality will arrive in future releases.