The virtual machine setup requires a host computer with a minimum of 4GB RAM, 10GB free disk space, and a 64-bit Windows, OS X or Linux operating system.

We provide an MD5 checksum for the virtual appliance so that users can verify the integrity of their downloads. To calculate the MD5 checksum of a downloaded file, e.g. The Ark - demo.ova, launch a terminal and use commands of this form:

Linux md5sum 'The Ark - demo.ova'
OS X md5 'The Ark - demo.ova'
Windows CertUtil -hashfile "The Ark - demo.ova" MD5

Step 1: Install Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager

  1. Download Oracle Virtual Box for your host operating system - Windows, OS X, or Linux.
  2. Install Oracle Virtual Box by running the downloaded executable file and following the prompts.

Step 2: Setup a virtual machine inside the Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager

Note: Before proceeding with the steps below, any previous installation of The Ark virtual appliance must be removed from Virtual Box. First, delete the old virtual machine by right-clicking on it's profile, selecting Remove, and clicking Delete all files. With the virtual machine deleted, select Virtual Media Manager from the File menu and delete the entry corresponding to the old VM's hard disk. Without this preparation, Virtual Box will report an error that the UUID of the disk image is already in use.

  1. Download The Ark virtual appliance from this location (2.3GB). The MD5 checksum of the file The Ark - demo.ova is 857f44e14a175f7259a5ca7b252cfa33.
  2. Start the Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager.
  3. From the File menu, select Import appliance. Click the Choose button and select the virtual appliance file The Ark - demo.ova that you downloaded in Step 1. Click Next, then Import to complete the virtual appliance setup.

Step 3: Start The Ark

  1. Start the Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager.
  2. If prompted, login to the Ubuntu system with the username ark and password arkvmpassword.
  3. On the desktop of the VM, double click The Ark icon; a browser will launch and display The Ark’s login page. If the link does not work, launch the Firefox browser within the VM and navigate to http://localhost/ark.
  4. Using the table below, enter login credentials - username and password. Click Sign in to login to The Ark.
Username Password Access To Study
Access Level ReadOnly@1 Demo 1 Read only StudyAdmin@1 Demo 2 Administrator


To try the example web services client, open Firefox within the VM and navigate to http://localhost:8082/services. No account credentials are required since these have been programmed into the example client. Changes made using this client will be reflected in The Ark instance running within the VM.

To see the full administration capabilities of The Ark, use the "super user" username and password hdYmc$flRExT#6B. Please note that the "super user" account will allow users to enable features which have been disabled due to bugs or needing further testing. Therefore, some functions might not work correctly.