Day 1: Oct 10th
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Morning session 1: 9-10:30

9:00-9:15: Welcome: Why mammographic density?
    John Hopper
9:15-9:30: What are the measurement issues?
    Jennifer Stone
9:30-9:50: What is BreastScreen’s perspective?
    Gail Ward
9:50-10:10: What is the Patient’s perspective?
    Michael Shepherd
10:10-10:20: What is the role of GPs?
    Jenny Walker
10:20-10:30 Discussion

Morning tea break 10:30-11am

Morning session 2: 11-12

11:00-11:20 What is happening in the US?
    Monica Saini
11:20-11:40 What are the Ethical and Legal Considerations?
    Wendy Ingman
11:40-12:00 What do BreastScreen participants know and do?
    Jennifer Stone

Lunch: 12-12:30

12:30-1:30: VCCC Breast Tumour Grand Rounds: Preventive therapy for breast cancer
    Jack Cuzick

Afternoon session 1: 1:30-3:30

1:30-1:50 What are the Health Economic implications of mammographic density in tailored screening?
    Carolyn Nickson
1:50-2:10 What are the implications of Family History?
    John Hopper
2:10-2:30 What is the underlying Biology?
    Kara Britt
2:30-3:00 Questions and Discussion

Afternoon tea break 3:00-3:30pm

Afternoon session 2: 3:30-5:00

3:30-3:50 What is the Radiologist’s perspective?
    Mary Rickard
3.50-4.10 What is the Clinician’s perspective?
    Christobel Saunders
4:10-4:20 What is BCNA’s (Breast Cancer Network Australia) Perspective?
    Daniele Spence
4:20-4:30 What is the VCCC’s (Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre) project on tailored screening?
    Bruce Mann
4:30-4:40 Who are the other stakeholders?
    Rik Thompson
4.40-5.00 Discussion

Conference dinner – Parkville precinct 6:30pm for 7pm start

Day 2: Oct 11th
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Morning session 1: 9-10:30: The Measurement of Breast Density

9:00-9:20 (+5min Questions) Optical Breast Spectroscopy (OBS) to identify women with elevated Mammographic Density and monitor its change in real time
    Lothar Lilge
9:25-9:35 (+5min Questions) Novel methods for measuring breast density in younger women: TiBS and DXA
    Dilukshi Perera
9:40-10:00 (+5min Questions) Effect of double-reading versus single-reading on the association between mammographic sensitivity and volumetric breast density
    Ariane Chan
10:05-10:25 (+5min Questions) Breast density in 35,000 BreastScreen mammograms: an overview of risk assessment and cancer outcomes using the AutoDensity automated measurement tool.
    Carolyn Nickson

Morning tea break 10:30-11am

Morning session 2: 11-12:00: The Biology of Breast Density

11:00-11:15 (+5min Questions) Modulation of Syndecan-1 in human breast tissue explants: Role of estrogen signalling involving heparanase.
    Xuan Huang
11:20-11:35 (+5min Questions) Associations between epithelial nuclear density (END), lobular involution (LI) and mammographic density (MD) among women undergoing diagnostic image-guided breast biopsy
    Maeve Mullooly
11:40-11:55 (+5min Questions) Correlation of microCT with single-sided NMR T1 values as a measure of mammographic density
    Honour Hugo

Lunch: 12-12:30

12:30-1:30 Plenary Talk: Title to be confirmed
    Laura Esserman

Afternoon session 1: 1:30-3:30: Mammographic Density and Breast Cancer Risk

1:30-1:50 (+5min Questions) Association between mammographic breast density and breast cancer risk following a benign breast biopsy
    Gretchen Gierach
1:55-2:05 (+5min Questions) The distribution and determinants of mammographic density in Western Australian Aboriginal women and its association with breast cancer risk
    Jennifer Stone
2:10-2:30 (+5min Questions) Risk of Interval Breast Cancer by Breast Density, Family History, and Breast Tissue Ageing
    Kevin Nguyen
2:35-2:55 (+5min Questions) Longitudinal modelling of mammographic density for accurate breast cancer risk estimation
    Emma C. Atakpa

3:00-3:30 Afternoon tea

Afternoon session 2: 3:30-5:00: You don’t want to miss…

3:30-3:45 (+5min Questions) Genome-wide association analysis of mammographic density in Malaysian women
    Shivaani Mariapun
3:50-4:05 (+5min Questions) Genetic profiles of breast cancers that arise in women with high or low MD
    Ian Campbell

4:10-4:25 (+5min Questions) Impact of rapid weight loss on mammographic density
    Ellie Darcey
4:30-4:45 (+5min Questions) How does breast density notification make women feel?
    Evenda Dench
4:50-5:00pm Meeting close and final comments

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